Bottle Snugglers Reduce Baby Feeding Time Stress (Now for Less)

Prices were recently reduced to allow Moms of multiples to more easily buy two or three

Jacksonville, FL, August 22, 2010 --( When the Zen moment that is baby’s feeding time suddenly becomes a tug-of-war with life’s little emergencies, Moms and Dads quickly start wishing for a third hand to help them through. Now, that coveted “third hand” is even more accessible, as Bottle Snugglers ™ announced a price reduction this month from $23.95 to $20.95.

Reducing the price of the award-winning baby bottle holders, which are sold in stores across the country and online at, was intended specifically to help parents of multiples, who many times are outnumbered when feeding time rolls around. Bottle Snugglers can help to keep multiples on the same feeding schedule and serve as a guide for teaching baby to hold the bottle alone. Of course, babies should never be left alone with a bottle, and it is important to hold baby during feeding.

“Our largest customer base is parents of multiples or parents of a toddler and a new baby,” said Bottle Snugglers President Jennifer Marko. “I am a parent, and I know that the expenses of baby gear add up,” she added. “I want to make sure that Bottle Snugglers are accessible.” The price reduction includes online and in-store products.

Bottle Snugglers are a favorite Feeding Accessories for multi-tasking parents who sometimes need to tackle another task without interrupting baby’s feeding time. For example, assisting or feeding another child, answering the door or handing over tickets at the airport can be done with a free hand, as Mom or Dad hold baby and Bottle Snugglers temporarily holds the bottle. They are a practical addition to any parent’s tool kit, and are designed to be a problem-solver and stress-reliever when life happens all at once. The baby bottle holder comes in four animal styles, including Pinky Pig, Cuddly Cow, Precious Puppy and Charming Teddy Bear.

Bottle Snugglers are easy to use: a stuffed animals made of soft velour sits on baby’s tummy, and a velour-covered elastic band attaches to the animal and securely holds baby’s bottle at the perfect angle. The band position is adjustable, and the whole unit is machine washable. When baby outgrows the bottle, Bottle Snugglers are a favorite cuddly toy.

Both a feeding time tool for mom and a guide for baby to learn to hold their bottle independently, Bottle Snugglers help simplify the baby feeding process and support bonding between mother and baby by enabling busy moms and moms of multiples to lovingly tend to baby or babies while tackling life’s little emergencies.

Bottle Snugglers
Jeniffer Marko