Plachta, Murphy Sponsors "Fathered by God" Series: Man’s Journey to Wholeness

This eight week series starting in September is intended to help empower men in their own faith and spirituality. By joining with other spirituality-minded from all faith transitions for this ongoing weekly series focusing on men’s unique spiritual needs and development on their faith journey, it is hoped that each man who participates will grow deeper in their faith and discover their gifts and talents so they can put them into effective and passionate use in their homes, churches, & businesses

Grand Rapids, MI, August 22, 2010 --( The law firm of Plachta, Murphy & Associates’, P.C. CEO, Brian J. Plachta, recognized while studying for his master’s degree in pastoral counseling that there are far too few spiritual programs designed exclusively to address the unique spiritual needs of men in our modern culture. In keeping with the law firm’s values of honesty, integrity, and personal relationships, Mr. Plachta and the law firm decided to sponsor the upcoming eight week series at the Dominican Center at Marywood: Fathered by God: Man’s Journey to Wholeness. The series will be facilitated by Mr. Plachta and Nathaniel “Than” Johnson, pastor, and local hospital chaplain.

In addition to the Fathered by God series, Plachta and Johnson have also co-founded a local men’s spirituality ministry known as “Over the Edge”. This ministry is a small group of guys that gather together on a regular basis, and in retreats, to focus upon and assist one another in finding and following the voice of God in their lives. It is designed to be an ecumenical group of men from all faith traditions. The simple process allows each man to share their experiences, listen with the prayerful support of each other and receive deeper insight and encouragement into how God might be leading and guiding them in the ordinary events of their life. Over the Edge’s website is:

The 8 week Fathered by God series begins on September 23, 2010 at Dominican Center at Marywood located at 2025 Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Meeting times are from 6:30- 9:00pm. Prior registration is required and can be done through the Dominican Center’s website at

According to Plachta, “Men need the assistance of other guys on their journey to help sharpen their integrity and faith, as well as challenge them to keep growing spiritually. The Fathered by God series and Over the Edge are part of the effort in West Michigan to help men discover the Spirit of the Man that lives within them. Our hope is to empower men to integrate their faith life with their daily life and provide the support and space for each man to develop and use the gifts God gave them.”

For more information please contact Brian Plachta at 616-458-3994 or


The Fathered by God Series is co-sponsored by the Dominican Center at Marywood and Plachta, Murphy & Associates. Over the Edge is a non-profit West Michigan organization providing spiritual direction and companionship for men of all faith traditions.
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