Halalify.org Goes Live to Kick-Start the "Halalification" of the Internet

Their goal with Halalify.org is to make Halal content more accessible to the average Internet user by making it a lot easier to find relevant and high quality websites and content without having to bump into explicit websites all the time.

Santa Clara Valley, CA, August 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Webmasters from all over the world can support add a “Halalify” button on their website to start making the Internet more Halal.

Halalify.org (www.halalify.org) is an initiative launched by I’mHalal (www.imhalal.com) aims to make the World Wide Web a better place.

The goal of Halalify.org is to shape the world into a place where Halal standards are well accepted and adapted both in the Muslim and non-Muslim world as a Universal standard. “Halal in our opinion stands for Pure, Ethical and of high Quality products and services based on Islamic principles. We want to make the best pieces of information from all over the web regarding any subject accessible with this initiative so that Internet users can educate themselves in the most effective and relevant way,” Says Faisal Sultan from ImHalal.com.

He adds: “A revolution is needed to free the World Wide Web from Pornography and immoral content.”

Halalify.org invites all webmasters to join their mission, to make the Internet a better place by integrating the Halalify button on their website and join the movement by starting the Halalification of the Internet.

Faisal Sultan