FleetSummaries.com Announces New Business Book Summary Service

FleetSummaries.com announces their new business book summary service. Subscribers may now receive free business book summaries in PDF, MP3 audio, HTML, mind map, and Kindle formats weekly.

Modena, NY, August 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- FleetSummaries.com, a new website for business book summaries, has announced its latest service to provide free business book summaries in five digital formats. The site’s summaries, which include "Think and Grow Rich" and "Who Moved My Cheese" are now available to subscribers and site visitors in PDF, MP3 audio, HTML, mind map, and e-reader formats, with new editions released weekly.

Each year more than 10,000 business books are published. The average reader, though, reads less than five books of any kind a year. With that many books being published and so few being read by the average person, many of the key concepts and ideas of today's business books are not absorbed, leaving most behind.

FleetSummaries.com can offer a solution to busy people who may not have the time to read new business books. Every week, the new website publishes free business book summaries that are available in five digital formats.

When asked about how his company, FleetSummaries.com, can help people with the problems of information overload and finding the time to actually use the concepts in today's business books, FleetSummaries.com creator, Kevin Oefelein said, "We've developed a system for helping people learn new ideas from business books and actually use those ideas to their benefit. Every week we produce detailed and free business book summaries and mind maps to help people save time and find out if a business book is really worth the read."

In addition to publishing business book summaries directly on their website, FleetSummaries.com also provides PDF newsletters to subscribers, containing the current week's summary and links to their summaries in MP3 audio format, as well as summaries formatted specifically for the latest e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple Ipad.

Commenting on the ability to read his business book summaries on his e-reader, one of FleetSummaries.com's subscribers, Glenn Baron said, "I am always on the go. I like the fact that I have the ability to stay up to date with new business books by uploading it unto my Kindle and carrying it with me wherever I go."

For people that may not have the time to read a brief 20 minute summary, FleetSummaries.com also publishes mind maps of the key concepts of the books they review. These mind maps have branches linking the book's central theme to one key idea per branch, allowing people to absorb the books main concepts in less time than it takes to read a 6-10 page summary.

Currently featured on FleetSummaries.com's web page is a summary of Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich." More summaries are due to come out weekly.

Note: Access new business summaries that will help you save time and learn new business ideas every week by visiting FleetSummaries.com's website at http://fleetsummaries.com.

About FleetSummaries.com:
FleetSummaries.com is a new website that publishes detailed and free business book summaries every week in five digital formats including PDF, MP3 audio, HTML, and digital e-reader formats. In addition to business book summaries, they publish mind maps of the key concepts and ideas contained in the books they review.

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