Leah Koenig, Parent Coach & Child Therapist, Announces the Addition of Two Reading Resource Pages to myparentcoach.net

Leah Koenig, parent coach & child therapist, announces the addition of two reading resources page to www.myparentcoach.net. One for parents and one for parents to use with their children.

Bellevue, WA, August 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Leah Koenig, parent coach & child therapist at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC, announces the addition of two reading resources pages to her website at www.myparentcoach.net. One page is a reading list for parents and one for parents to use with their children to help gently manage difficult problems.

Parents wrestling with the challenge of raising children have many resources to choose from when a problem arises. Often parents will speak with their pediatrician, family, or friends for help. Another way is to turn to books.

Leah Koenig's recommended reading list at www.myparentcoach.net includes one page of books ideal for parents to share with their kids on:

Building Friendships
Sexual Abuse
ADHD & Coping
Skill Building

"Parents are often asking me for resources to help them navigate common yet difficult areas of parenting. Books are a way for parents to gently open up difficult topics with their children," Koenig says. "By reading a book the child gets a chance to imagine themselves as a hero in their own life, just like the hero in a book they have read."

Leah Koenig has also added a page with books just for parents that covers topics such as:

Child/Teen Bullying
Discipline Strategies
Attachment & Brain Development
My Favorite Child Development Books

"Something that makes us all feel better as parents, is when we find others who struggle with the same parenting issues. Books help us connect with others who have overcome those same struggles; in reading we benefit from their experiences, mistakes and strategies for success," Koenig says. "A few hours of bibliotherapy can be as effective as a visit to a psychotherapists office by bringing insight, new questions and new ideas."

Leah Koenig is Certified PCI Parent Coach® and child therapist in private practice located in Bellevue Washington. She manages Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC with her husband Marlon Familton.

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