Spartan Environmental Technologies Announces the Introduction of an Integrated Ozone UV Advanced Oxidation System

Beachwood, OH, August 26, 2010 --( Spartan Environmental Technologies announce the introduction of an integrated Ozone UV advanced oxidation system, ULTRAZONE, for industrial water treatment applications.

The ULTRAZONE process is a completely self contained skid mounted advanced oxidation system which includes an oxygen generation system, ozone generator; ozone/water mixing system, PLC control system and a special high efficiency UV reactor from UV Sciences.

Installation is simple, the integrated skid is placed on a pad and the user connects the water lines and power connections. The system is fully factory tested prior to shipment.

Advanced oxidation processes produce hydroxyl radicals capable of removing virtually all organic compounds from water. In the ULTRAZONE process UV light converts ozone into hydroxyl radicals without the need to add any additional chemicals. Electrical power is used to make both the ozone, from air, and UV light. No byproducts are formed since ozone and hydroxyl radical breakdown to oxygen and water after use.

ULTRAZONE can be used to reduce TOC, COD, BOD, and destroy specific organic compounds of interest that cannot be treated by conventional methods. Specific applications include process water recycling, treatment of industrial wastewater and production of high purity water from various water sources.

Anthony Sacco, Marketing Director for Spartan, said: “Spartan is pleased to offer the ULTRAZONE technology to industrial water users providing additional options for water purification.”

Spartan Environmental Technologies is a supplier of integrated ozone and advanced oxidation water treatment systems for industrial and commercial water and wastewater applications.

UV Sciences (UVSI) designs, manufactures, and sells UV systems for commercial and industrial applications with emphasis in the beverage, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, pools & spas, wastewater and water reclamation sectors. UVSI product’s unique, patented design, make them the most efficient UV treatment chamber available. The savings in energy, space, and maintenance costs are unparalleled in the industry.

Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC
Anthony R. Sacco