Tattoo Books Online LLC Launches Sofia & Co. Tiny Tattoo Contraptions

Small tattoo media company in Phoenix, Arizona launches line of professional hand made tattoo machines.

Phoenix, AZ, August 26, 2010 --( Tattoo Books Online LLC of Phoenix Arizona USA launches its own line of high quality, “one off” tattoo machines for sale to the public. These tattoo machines differ from the traditional tattoo machines sold by online and catalog retailers in that they are at 30% of their competition’s price point. Many companies claiming to have handmade tattoo machines really only offer a “hand assembled” tattoo machine, where Sofia & Co. machines are all hand carved in the USA by American tattoo professionals. These small release and single build machines can be viewed from Tattoo Books Online websites. The machines will be sold in small retailer’s shops around the world starting September 2010. There are already several vendors that have placed advanced orders for these machines.

The machines are antiqued and oxidized to have faux antiqued finishes. They feature high quality hardware and bindings (most of which are hand oxidized as well). There are individual treasures on each of these machines that help add to their iconic individualism, like real currency from around the world or bits and pieces of history embedded in the coils. Tattoo Books Online plans to release 50 unique tattoo machines for sale to the public in a limited edition run every quarter. Each machine is one of a kind, and special orders will be accepted.

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