NVM Group Launched the Student & Career Report 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- NhanViet Management Group (NVM Group), one of the leading service providers of HR consulting, outsourcing and training throughout Vietnam and Indochina, has just launched the Student & Career Report 2010.

This year the survey started from April 2010 and ended July 2010. It attracted 941 students from over 20 universities and colleges in HCMC. Final year students accounted for 37%, graduates accounted for 17.3% and third year students 22.4%.

Objectives go with action plans

The survey reveals that 97.9% students expect to become leaders in the future. More specifically, 50% expect to climb to the managerial level in 3 years’ time, while 8.4% expect to climb to the director level. The findings refer to the right ability based career planning of students. They have learned how to benchmark themselves with normal practices in the market and know where they are at present.

The happy news is most students agree that career objectives should go with clear and committed action plans. Up to 71.2% students claim that they have made their career action plans when they are at universities and colleges, while 15.3% will make theirs upon graduation. On the other hand, the equivalent percentage between those who take part time jobs during their study (42%) and those who focus only on studying (40%) refers to the effectiveness of these current career orientation activities and programs.

Ms. Tran Thi Kim Loan – Project Assistant Manager at NVM Group – says students now have mindset of “studying but not forget acquiring experience by part time jobs.” Specifically, 40% says that they are acquiring experience and developing skills when sitting at universities and colleges, 19% focus on networking, 11.3% focus on studying.

Vital role of employer branding

About 70% expect to work for multinational and foreign companies. 36.1% agree that these companies provide good working environments and promotion opportunities (30%). There is a major shift in the influence of company reputation on students’ consideration before applying for a company. 2009 report revealed that 70.1% considered company reputation a top priority before they decided to apply for a company. That percentage now decreases to 9.4%.

The most voted employer of choice belongs to Unilever (21%), the next rankings belong to HSBC (8.09%), ACB (5.59%), P&G (4.62%), Intel (3.28%), KPMG (3.28%), Coca Cola (3.08%). We can extract from the list most brand names that annually provide recruitment/ internship/ scholarship programs for students, such as Management Trainee Program of Unilever, Internship program at HSBC, Recruitment/ Internship program at KPMG.

In conclusion, these aforementioned programs help business organizations to prepare succession planning and enhance company brand name in the labor market.

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