New Free Question and Answer Tool, QQ4U, Blends Quick Question Capabilities with Social Networking

QQ4U, which stands for “Quick Question For You” in texting slang, is a new free tool that allows users to ask quick questions to targeted groups of people and receive real-time statistical results. The tool also allows users to create and join common interest groups and send out questions via email, text message, Smartphone apps, and website.

Moorestown, NJ, August 29, 2010 --( QQ4U is a new free question and answer tool that allows users to ask quick questions to highly targeted groups of people and receive statistical results accompanied by graphical charts, in real time. Users can join groups related to their interests, which affords the ability to ask questions of people interested in a wide variety of topics. QQ4U also allows users to create private groups so that questions can be asked to key business partners, family members or friends.

A revolutionary online service, QQ4U differentiates itself from existing surveying tools and question sites in several ways:

· QQ4U focuses on asking a question and showing a breakdown of responses via both percentages and graphical charts which assist with decision making and voting.
· Question results and comments are presented to both the sender and recipients of each question.
· QQ4U provides multiple methods of adding question recipients which include importing from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/MSN, and AOL accounts in addition to importing from a list.
· QQ4U allows users to set specific dates and times for their questions to close, enabling voting on subjects with a fixed deadline.

The most notable distinction of QQ4U is the application’s social nature. The system capitalizes on the power of social media and mobile technology by allowing users to ask and respond to questions via mobile phones, smart phones, text messages, email or directly through the website.

“QQ4U provides immediate access to a targeted network of users, regardless of their location. We’re seeing a lot of comments and discussions going on even after people have answered a question, which just reinforces the idea that QQ4U has a very social nature about it,” says Chris Miles, CEO of Miles Technologies, the leading software development and IT company that developed QQ4U. “It’s unlike any other tool that’s out there. You wouldn't ask your friends where they want to go to dinner on Friday night using Survey Monkey, but you would ask them using QQ4U.”

According to Miles, QQ4U is highly applicable for business use. “Businesses can use this free tool to poll their employees on corporate objectives, meeting schedules, health benefits and more. By the same token, QQ4U can be useful for conducting market research and interacting with customers and target audiences,” he explains.

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About QQ4U
QQ4U is a revolutionary web-based tool that provides a whole new way to communicate. Users can ask questions to targeted groups of respondents and receive detailed responses including statistical results. Respondents can be selected by name, email, location and demographics.

QQ4U is different than any other statistical website because it allows for users to respond to questions using mobile phones, smart phones, text messages or email. Another distinct feature of QQ4U is the system’s ability to provide responses in easy-to-read, real time graphical charts and user comments.

QQ4U is a free web-based tool designed for business and personal use. For more information, or to sign up for free, please visit

Cheryl Ambruch