SwipeAuctions Releases Names of Their Top Winners: All Have Saved Thousands of Dollars

SwipeAuctions released a list of their all-time greatest winners today in order to highlight how people can win repeatedly on their website according to SwipeAuctions. Here is the official list provided by SwipeAuctions:

San Diego, CA, August 31, 2010 --(PR.com)-- SwipeAuctions recently released an all-time biggest SwipeAuctions winners list in order to highlight how people can save using their website.

According to SwipeAuctions, each of the winners has won several dozen auctions and saved several thousand dollars off of the regular retail price of the consumer products they were competing for.

“We have dozens of winners every day,” said Sherry, a company spokeswoman. “But some of our winners are truly special. Their dedication to the site is remarkable and they have reaped the rewards of their perseverance and strategies.”

SwipeAuctions is a penny auction site, one of the fastest growing sites of its kind. Under the terms of a penny auction site, people buy packages of bids they can spend on auctions. Each time they use a bid the price of the auction goes up by one cent and more time is added to the clock. The member that places the final bid when time runs out gets to purchase the item at the final price – typically at a fraction of the retail price.

The SwipeAuctions privacy policy prohibits the company from giving out the real names of their players, but they have released their usernames and home states.

Here is the official list provided by SwipeAuctions:

TryAgain2 from Texas has won more than 50 auctions and purchased dozens of items including five Nintendo Wiis, four Sony Playstation 3s and three MacBook Pros. He was one of their monthly winners of a Honda Civic.

Pbh201 from Florida has won more than a dozen auctions and purchased two Sony Bravia home theater systems, 10 MacBook Pros and five iPads. He also won a new Honda Civic in their monthly reward contest.

Zabswish from Wisconsin has also won more than a dozen auctions and purchased two Vizio HDTVs and a MacBook Pro, among other items. He is also the proud owner of a new Honda Civic thanks to SwipeAuctions.

Killerplauze from Florida has won several dozen auctions and is the proud owner of many products including 20 MacBook Pros and three iPads.

“Each and every one of these top winners has saved well over $10,000 off the regular retail prices of the items they purchased,” Sherry said. “We are very proud of their track record.”


SwipeAuctions (SwipeAuctions.com), one of the largest penny auction sites in the world, is regarded as a leader in the industry. Founded in late 2009, the company holds auctions on more than 1,000 items per day including televisions, laptops, consumer electronics and even cars. The site provides a fair auction environment (no bots or shill bidders, guaranteed) and supports its members with impeccable 24/7 customer service. SwipeAuctions offers an amazing and dynamic user experience and boasts the most daily winners in the industry confirmed by shipment tracking numbers on all wins. Furthermore, the site's owners actively pursue making the world a better place by giving part of its revenue back to the community through worthy charities. Currently they are working to sponsor over 110 children at World Vision, and pledge to sponsor an additional child each day.
Sherry Reynolds