New Doctor at Physicians HGH Center

Palm Beach, FL, September 01, 2010 --( The Physicians HGH Center is pleased to announce the arrival of Dr. Santiago, who comes to join their staff at the center. Dr. Santiago possess literally years of experience working with Human Growth Hormone therapies, as well as with internal medicine. The HGH Center has been specializing in the treatment of aging since the inception of these types of treatments.

Growth Hormone Replacement therapy has a track record of producing results for most patients. The Physicians HGH Center is well aware that the success of such a therapy centers around the frequency and dose that the doctors prescribe. Not all patients can justify the cost and treatment of Human Growth Hormone. Still, for those who can afford it, in a great number of cases, injectable Growth Hormones is able to actually reverse the effects of growing older in those individuals who are HGH deficient when a program is properly administered.

There are several forms of Human Growth Hormone that are prescribed to patients for pain management. For men, the principal male hormone that helps to properly maintain and balance muscle strength and mass, bone mass, sperm production, fat distribution, potency, and the sex drive is Testosterone.

Another form of injectable HGH is Semorelin. This formula proves to be an analog of growth hormone releasing hormone, or GHRH. It is created in the brain in order to encourage and release hGH in the pituitary gland. When individuals are young, sufficient levels of GHRH get produced, allowing the pituitary to be capable of giving the body enough of these growth hormones to maintain vitality, health, and good bodily functions and form. As people begin to age, GHRH levels deteriorate. This leads to less production and release of pituitary human growth hormone. In time, this leads to the loss of vitality, vigor, and health as people grow older. The center only offers real bio identical hormones, not natural or alternative releasers. To learn more about Growth Hormone replacement therapy, an interested person should consult with Dr. Santiago or one of the other specialists at the Physicians HGH Center.

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