TempGenius System Automatically Monitors Temperatures, Creates Logs, and Provides 24 Hour Alerting for Full HACCP, JCAHO, CFR, and USDA Compliance

Automatic Temperature Tracking System Saves Money and Ensures Compliance

Washington, DC, January 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- From food to flowers to pharmaceuticals, temperature control is a key component in product quality and safety.  Sensitive products exposed to temperatures that are too high for too long must be disposed of at a loss -- in many cases the dollar costs can be in the multi-thousands.  Still better than the alternative of causing an outbreak of food poisoning, rendering a vaccine useless or even dangerous, or risking key customer relationships.

In businesses of all types there is a myriad of coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature sensitive storage equipment. They are actually the warehouses and storage rooms holding all the raw materials produce the business' finished goods. Inside is valuable inventory with restricted and varied shelf lives.

Keeping tabs on the state of the stock is mission critical.  Regulators require regular tracking and record keeping.  It is a costly, time-consuming and tedious chore that must be done several times a day.

TempGenius simplifies and automates the process and provides real-time, cost saving results.

TempGenius not only takes all readings on time, but it also fills out the required forms and can provide alerts, 24 hours a day, whenever critical control points are out of preset ranges.

Wireless signals can travel through walls and even between floors, providing real-time feedback, emergency alerting and historical analysis. TempGenius may be customized for any operation to monitor temperatures, humidity and more.

TempGenius is used across the world in such diverse locations as healthcare, schools, restaurants, hotels, food processing, dairies, laboratories, greenhouses, and more.

For more information, contact Compliance Control at 800-810-4000 or www.tempgenius.com.

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Kyle Baca