A New Online Matchmaking Site is Causing a Quiet Storm Within the Real Estate Investment Sector

Fundthatdeal.com is an innovative new platform for real estate entrepreneurs to pitch their latest deals to a network of private investors seeking out the next real estate deal to invest in.

Naples, FL, September 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Over the last few years the banking crisis has caused problems for many people. Two distinct groups that have been affected are real estate entrepreneurs and the private investment community. Real estate entrepreneurs struggle to convince banks to lend them the money they need to take advantage of the many deal opportunities in the marketplace. Low, flatlining interest rates and a volatile stock market have led private investors to actively search for alternative ways to make low risk, high return investments. The founders at fundthatdeal.com believe their new matchmaking site offers a simple solution to fix the dilemma both groups face.

Some real estate deals can still generate very strong returns. Fundthatdeal.com was created to connect private investors with cash-poor, market savvy real estate entrepreneurs and so that these deals get funded.

Real estate entrepreneurs submit the details of their deal and their preferred terms. If the proposal is of interest to any of the accredited investors registered on the site, they will initiate a dialogue with the entrepreneur which, subject to details being mutually acceptable will result in the deal getting funded.

Austin Awadzi, cofounder and CEO comments: “We built this platform to address the need that exists in the real estate marketplace. We’re delighted with the positive response we’ve had so far, which validates our decision to embark on this project. Private investors and real estate entrepreneurs now have an attractive alternative to the banks.”

Note to Editors:
fundthatdeal.com was launched in July 2010 by a team of real estate professionals, property developers, investors, and marketing experts. The site provides entrepreneurial individuals with a platform to present their real estate deals to wealthy private investors, and get funded on terms that they agree between themselves. Entrepreneurs get access to cash at more attractive rates than from a bank; investors enjoy significantly higher returns than from savings accounts.

Private Investors use the service for free. Real estate entrepreneurs are charged $199 per proposal submitted and 1% of the amount loaned or invested into the deal.

Fundthatdeal.com purely acts as an introducer. They in no way advise of the validity of the proposals published, or on the merits of any particular real estate entrepreneur registered on the site.

Fund That Deal
Austin Awadzi