LeewayHertz Leading the Way on the Appstore with the Launch of Another App; Get BladderFit

Chicago, IL, September 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- LeewayHertz, an organization known for it's User Interface designs has recently achieved great success with the launch of a iPhone application in the medical category. The new application called "Get BladderFit" was developed for a UK enterprise, Photosound is a medical communications, firm – bringing complex ideas to life for professional audiences everywhere.

LeewayHertz, CEO "Akash Takyar" claims that "the app has been designed & developed for the patients, suffering from overactive bladder syndrome or have any form of urinary inconsistency. It is recommended to use the app in conjunction with professional medical advice," he added.

Get BladderFit is a convenient controller for any user who has to control his/her bladder movements via a mobile app. The application offers handful information on how to pelvic exercises to improve the urinary functions as well as helpful tips on urinary incontinence with the appropriate methods to improve it. Further, it is a customized app that allows users to make their profiles, track personal progress charts and maintain logbooks. To give it a more personalized feel, one is also allowed to add medication alarms in the application to get easy alerts on one’s mobile.

After witnessing applications like this everyday, one can easily say that very soon people will start using mobile apps completely, to exercise, to meditate, to take prescription or to take doctor’s appointment.

About LeewayHertz: LeewayHertz is an emerging software company with more than 150+mobile applications live on the Store. The services include mobile applications design and development for various platforms like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile and Java J2Me.

Mansi Takyar