Bürgernetz Dresden Leans on AscenLink to Provide a Robust Broadband Wireless Network

AscenVision Technology Inc., the intelligent network provider, today announced that Förderverein Bürgernetz Dresden e.V. deployed AscenLink to strengthen its wireless backhaul reliability, enabling 1, 500 residents in the rural area to enjoy an affordable high-speed wireless Internet access.

San Jose, CA, January 02, 2007 --( Dresden delivers wireless network services in the rural area where DSL lines are unable to be deployed. Totally 80 hotspots centred in Dreden and distributed in Coswig, Radebeul, and Freital need to serve thoudands of concurrent users. It is critical, therefore, for the WISP to consolidate the wireless backhaul reliability for uninterrupted Internet access and better customer satisfaction. Through a series of intensive testing and comparison on various WAN load balancing devices, AscenLink 430 was picked to aggregate two 6 Mbit ADSL lines, one 16 Mbit ADSL line, and a symmetric 4.6 Mbit line in the backhaul infrastructure.

"AscenLink offers all functionalities as required such as load balancing, fault tolerance, high availability, effective bandwidth management, intuitive administrative framework, etc at an unbelievable competitive price," said Mirko Kunath, the Head of Yellow-Computertechnik and the technical supervisor of Bürgernetz Dresden, "It delivers an integrated and trustworthy solution for WISPs to gain high capacity, maximum performance, and more business opportunities."

The technical manager of Bürgernetz Dresden further added, "We are amazed by AscenLink's solid performance in these months after the deployment, which encourages us to stick to AscenLink in our future wireless service expansion."

"The success of AscenLink in various industry segments throughout the globe depends heavily on the efforts from our loyal distributors such as Osyon GmbH Germany," stated Eric Wu, Business Development Manager of AscenVision, "We are delighted that Osyon boosts the entry of AscenLink into the promising WISP market in Germany. The case of Dresden WISP is just the beginning. We will keep up the close partnership with Osyon and deliver reliable high-speed wireless Internet experiences to as many German end-users as possible."

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