Simpleton Solutions Releases "The Miserly Mind, 12 1/2 Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal"

New book reveals that achieving independent wealth is less about luck and more about adopting a specific set of personality traits.

Walnut Creek, CA, September 09, 2010 --( In her latest book, The Miserly Mind, 12½ Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal, Elise Cooke calls on her extensive research and interviews to distill the "millionaire mindset" into more than a dozen specific thinking patterns very commonly found among those who are able to consistently live below their means and build surplus funds that result in early financial independence.

In spite of the stereotype of the privileged trust fun baby born with a silver spoon in his mouth, at least 80% of America’s millionaires are self-made. No particular circumstantial advantages helped them on the road to wealth, either; no superior education, no rich uncle with seed money, no hot insider stock tips. So how did most millionaires achieve their fortune?

The Miserly Mind, 12 1/2 Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal explains just what sets millionaires apart from the rest of the population, and how anyone can incorporate those same traits into their personal habits to achieve their own fiscal freedom. It’s also highly entertaining. Chapter titles like “He’s Just Not That Into New,” humorous anecdotes and explanations in plain English bring a great deal of fun and clarity to issues of personal finance.

The “funny and frugal” author also founded Simpleton Solutions, which includes a free monthly newsletter and website dedicating to inspiring others to “Live Large on Less.” Earlier books produced by this company include Strategic Eating, The Econovore’s Essential Guide, loved by nutritionists and home economists alike for its well-researched tips and techniques for achieving a rock-bottom high-nutrition food bill. The second book, The Grocery Garden, How Busy People Can Grow Cheap Food, won the prestigious Best Books USA Green Living Award last October. All are available on the Simpleton Solutions website: as well as and other on-line retailers.

Cooke’s promotion of all things frugal is resonating well with readers in these times. She is a regular contributor for Bay Area Kids Magazine, eHow, GardenGuides, Suite101 and, and has been featured for such media outlets as the Bay Area Newsgroup, Monterey Herald, PBS’s BizKid$, Essence Magazine, WalletPop, KNRY and KBAY. She maintains a website and free newsletter with helpful frugal advice at

Elise Cooke is available for interviews. Contact her at or call (925) 202-8898.

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