Galileo Consulting Services Provides Essential Services to SGI Members

Las Vegas, NV, September 09, 2010 --( Success Group International Technology Coalition announced today that Galileo Consulting has joined the Success Group Technology Coalition. Marv McGrew, CEO of Success Group International stated, “Galileo Consulting Services is providing critical services and marketing assistance to technology partners that are ready to move to the next level! A great addition to our membership.”

Galileo Consulting provides Marketing and Management analysis, development and training to SMB Technology and Services providers in the Americas and Europe. GCS specializes in providing Alliance and Channel partnerships and development as well as interim management services for B2B companies.

Services provided:
Marketing Practice: Partnership and Alliance development meant to drive revenue from outside channels, field Marketing creation to drive stronger linkages between HQ and field sales/ customer Strategy assistance to ensure brand, messaging and activities achieve desired organizational goals

Management Practice: Interim Management temporarily replaces supervisory functions to keep the operation moving, Leadership assistance to help managers enable their teams perform at their best Team Building helps groups of individual performers improve by allowing others to help

Training Practice: Sales Training that shows how to build strong, long term relationships

Technical Sales Training that helps sales support staff bring additional credibility to selling activities

Document Workflow Practice: Document Lifecycle analysis shows the best vehicles for use and delivery of user oriented information. Printing analysis determines the best methods and tools for creating and disseminating printed output.

Barry Key, President of Galileo Consulting Services stated “I am very excited to have Galileo Consulting join the SGI Global Technology Coalition. Being associated with the other member organizations allows us to offer a much broader set of solutions and services to our clients. When our team has access to other solutions we don’t directly provide, they have the ability to provide complete, positive experiences that facilitate our clients’ achievement of their goals.”

About Galileo Consulting Services:
Galileo Consulting Services, LLC provides experienced based analysis and programs customized to meet the marketing and revenue challenges domestic and international small and medium sized technology companies face today. With practices in alliance marketing, leadership and management, training and document workflow analysis, GCS brings together the tools and skills to help companies grow. Our model is simple; we only use seasoned professionals that have a history of sustained success in their areas of expertise and work to be at the forefront of new ideas and trends. Having experienced, successful consultants ensures that our clients can achieve success in the shortest time possible. For more information, visit .

About SGI:
Success Group International (SGI) is “The Global Technology Solution”™ Our Coalition is a worldwide, “solutions based” technology member organization, devoted to assisting our global membership of technology businesses in achieving their company marketing, channel sales and business development goals. "Success Group's mission, as a global technology coalition, is to facilitate member relationships and build synergy between members, by identifying needs and creating solutions to enhance, grow and strengthen revenue generating opportunities, increasing sales and profits of all members." SGI specializes in developing and managing technology coalition alliances to promote the growth and “SUCCESS” of member businesses. Our primary objective is discovering enabling and enhancing technologies for coalition members to expand technology solutions offered to their clients.

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