Are You a Safe Driver? Oath Released

Suraya Foundation, a non-profit road safety organization working to change the mindset of reckless drivers have released their Safe Driver Oath which can be taken at

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 10, 2010 --( According to WHO, every 6 seconds someone is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads. Most of the accidents occur due to carelessness and recklessness of the drivers. The accidents are costing lives and money to the economies of mainly developing countries where 9 out of 10 accidents occur thus pushing the families of the victims below the poverty line.

Suraya Foundation which is a non-profit road safety organization has just released a "Safe Driver Oath." The objective of the Oath is to enable the readers to educate themselves of principles of safe driving. The Oath contains affirmations to become a safe driver. Readers can take the oath at

Suraya Foundation is a non-profit organization formed on May 2010, our aim is to prevent accidents by changing behaviors of reckless drivers through spreading emotionally compelling messages via mass media. You can get to know more about the organization by visiting

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