With More than 50 Countries Watching, TV4U.Com Has Seoul

TV4U.Com, an ad supported free internet television broadband network with 16 target channels, is rapidly gaining worldwide viewers, reaching more than 50 countries in its first month of operation.

Henderson, NV, January 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In only a month, the TV4U.Com broadband network has Seoul. And Bejing. And Paris. And Delhi. In fact, in its first month of operation, TV4U.Com reached viewers in more than fifty coutries. TV4U.Com is most popular in China, with Korea a close second and England third amongst internatonal markets. 

In the United States, TV4U.Com proved to be extremely popular in Utah, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, although it garnered viewers in all 50 states.

"We couldn't begin to figure out why we are so popular in these areas," said TV4U,Inc. CEO Charry Kennedy. "We are delighted to be discovered in so many countries so quickly, and we're very pleased to see us taking root in towns across the world.

There is no rhyme or reason to the viewer gowth for TV4U. It seems to be quite popular in large cities across the USA and the world, but for some reason is also extremely popular in rural Canada and Saudi Arabia as well.

Perhaps TV4U.Com is catching on among Americans abroad as it offers familiar network TV programming from the past 50 years, plus a wide array of American collegiate and professional sports. In any event, in an age when cable networks and broadcast networks are losing viewers, TV4U.Com's 16 channels of free internet television are gaining new viewers every day.

A similar growth pattern was seen with the Warner / AOL IN2TV free internet television service that made its debut a year prior. After a modest start, In2TV all but doubled its audience each month and now gets about 2 million viewers a month. It's a goal for the TV4U,Inc. managers.

"We know that In2TV has the benefit of promotion and advertising from Warner and AOL to hasten their growth," Ms. Kennedy continued. "But people will only watch if they are given good programming. The IN2TV and TV4U programming is quite familiar to the viewers and they like it. We don't have the promotional machine of a big media company, but we think we'll be right there with IN2TV in viewership over the coming year or so."

Also joining the free internet television fray is CBS / Viacom, with their Innertube service and now NBBC, from NBC/ Universal. The competition is welcomed by TV4U.

"Having competition from companies like Warner, Viacom, and Universal validates our plans," continued Ms. Kennedy. "We have the largest private video library in the USA so we can stand with them in offering a wide array of popular programming. Our challenge is to close the gap in the promotion that such giant companies can provide to their new services."

"Its a double edged sword for them, though," the TV4U,Inc. CEO pointed out. "In promoting their services they are helping to establish the free internet television category, and we benefit from that credibility."

TV4U.Com has already grown from its SportsTV4U.Com broadband channel to eight broadband channels and now to 16 broadband channels in a matter of months.  Comedy, Action, Detective, Western, and Variety TV4U.Com channels are now operating and all are proving popular.

With four free internet television services now available, the time for the broadband network has come. TV4U,Inc. stands with three media giants in this quest for viewers, but they are undaunted.

"In the end, we have as much popular programming as the other three broadband network," Charry Kennedy concluded.  People watch what they like, and we think we'll get our fair share of viewers with our great sports and entertainment programming."

Tom Ficara
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