Info Vilesilencer Directory Owners Forum Reaches First Year Milestone

Sydney, Australia, January 03, 2007 --( Info Vilesilencer, compiler of the original SEO friendly free directory list at, has just reached the 1st year milestone for their Directory Owners Forum (, a community bulletin board that allows both owners and users of directories to come together and discuss these valuable resources.

The key objective of the forum is to allow directory owners to announce their directories for free on the forum, so that they can gain contact with users who wish to submit to their new resources. With a membership of just over 1300, there are scores of new directories being announced daily and the discussions have become very active within a year of launch.

The forum was originally created to alleviate the problem of new directory owners being unable to find users to submit to their directories. Essentially the forum, through the use of an Announcement and Promotions section, allows both directory owners and users to come together and form business partnerships to improve their chances of success in their mutual internet ventures.

For directory users that are looking for new directories, the forum has particular interest. Because the directory owners come to the forum, the users do not have to go in search of new directories to submit to, they can simply access the promotions forum and pick up the latest release directory sites all in one section.

More importantly, for discerning SEO's and SEM's the forum is run by Info Vilesilencer, the team who compiled the original SEO friendly directory list, and the seo-friendly criteria that is applied to all directories before they are approved for inclusion into the Info Vilesilencer Directory List. This is important because only the directories whose backlinks count in the search engines are included on the list.

The forum and the site work in conjunction, so that new directories that are announced on the forum, are put into a review queue where they are analysed for possible inclusion into the list which is then launched every month on the Info Vileslencer site. Currently Info Vilesilencer is on the eve of a critical update for December, so there are a multitude of new directories being announced and promoted on the site for inclusion in the latest update.

The directory owners forum isn't just for announcing directories alone. It also provides a place to learn about monetizing directories through the use of Google Adsense (and other PPC methods) and Affiliate marketing. Directory owners looking for advertising partnerships can seek them on the forum. There is also a lot of discussion being held in the Questions and Answers forum, as directory owners share their tips and tricks or learn about how to make their resource a success.

Only a year old, the Info Vilesilencer Directory Owners Forum has already established itself as one of the premium resources to announce directories for free, find new directories or to join a real directory community.

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