Correction to: John Di Domenico Corporate Event Entertainer and Corporate Comedian to Host CertaPro’s Annual Summer Sales Conference

CertaPro has over 320+ franchise operators not the 220 originally stated.

New York, NY, September 14, 2010 --( Corporate Event Comedian and Host John Di Domenico performed at CertaPro’s National Summer Sales Conference from August 16-August 20th, a mid year meeting for the franchisees to get together, attend educational break out sessions and share what they've learned in the past six months. The event brings together franchisees from all over the United States for CertaPro the largest painting company in North America. CertaPro has over 320+ franchise operators and 244,923 customers. The event was a complete success.

An earlier release incorrectly stated that CertaPro had 220 franchises when the actual number is greater, 320 franchises.

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David Finkelstein