Global Coach Center Academy Announces On-Line Cross-Cultural Training Series

The Global Coach Center Academy, an on-line academy for expatriate courses, has teamed up with cross-cultural trainers around the world to bring affordable cross-cultural training to expats.

Miami, FL, September 16, 2010 --( Florida-based Global Coach Center has announced the launch of its on-line cross-cultural series: “Welcome to Living in …”. Prepared in cooperation with cross-cultural trainers around the world, the “Welcome to Living in …” Series will offer companies and individuals affordable and comprehensive cross-cultural training for many countries.

“The idea to create this series came to me when I realized that there are many expatriates who do not have the benefits of such training,” said Margarita Gokun Silver, the owner of the Global Coach Center Academy. “Their companies don’t provide it and they cannot afford it themselves because it can run anywhere between $500 and $4000 per training. Life is difficult enough when you move as an expat, why make it even worse by not knowing things you need to know about the culture before you move? Our on-line trainings provide not only the cultural information, but also modules designed to compare your cultural blueprint with that of the country you are going to. This helps you prepare for what’s ahead.”

The “Welcome to Living in …” Series consists of courses for different countries each of which includes detailed information about the national culture of the country, the corporate culture of the country, the culture shock module, the module that helps determine the student’s cultural blueprint and compare it with the country’s blueprint, and exercises that help negotiate the gaps between those blueprints. Each course has a wealth of information and retails for only $89. Since the Global Coach Center Academy is an on-line resource, the courses are available anytime. The initial course offerings include China, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, and Spain. More countries are coming soon.

The founder of the Global Coach Center Academy, Margarita Gokun Silver, is an expatriate and cross-cultural coach. She helps her clients lead happy and successful lives while living outside of their home countries.

Additional information on the Global Coach Academy is available here:

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