Motif Architectural Lighting™ Launches All New Lines of LED-Based Illumination Products

State-of-the-art LED luminaires define the next generation of backlit graphic illuminators, lightboxes, and decorative down lights.

Santa Ana, CA, September 16, 2010 --( Motif Architectural Lighting (Motif), a leading provider of LED-based architectural illumination products, today announced the launch of an entirely new line of specialized LED graphic illuminators, lightboxes and decorative down lights for the retail, hospitality, exhibition, commercial lighting, and other industries.

Motif’s lighting products feature an innovative LED-Array light source from ION™ Light Engines that utilizes low voltage, Class II power. Remarkably thin and lightweight, Motif’s LED illuminators are energy-efficient, maintenance-free, UV & IR free, eligible for commercial tax rebates, and qualify for LEED certification points. Available in a variety of sizes, Motif’s products represent the next-generation of sustainable illuminators that provide energy and cost savings over conventional fluorescent illuminators.

LED luminaires from Motif include Image-Vu™ lightboxes for walls (ADA compliant), Vu-Port™ graphic illuminators for ceilings and the Style-Light™ line of decorative down lights. Style-Light Designer Illuminators have a slender profile of ¾” and are available in ten decorative lenses that feature the distributed energy attributes of the LED array and provide a variety of architectural appearances. Style-Light Diffuse Illuminators have a 2” profile for easy mounting, providing perfectly even and diffuse illumination. Style Light decorative down lights are available with optional dimming controls for even greater energy savings.

All Motif products are manufactured from environmentally-friendly, powder coated aluminum extrusions that are easy-to-install and attractive. UV & IR free, these specialized LED luminaires help reduce building heat load and decrease air conditioning costs. Motif’s new line of LED illumination products is stylish and durable, while also helping to reduce the associated Carbon Footprint.

About Motif Architectural Lighting
Motif Architectural Lighting™ (Motif) is a leading provider of specialized LED-based architectural illumination products. All Motif products feature an innovative LED-Array light source from ION™ Light Engines that utilizes low voltage, Class II power. Motif’s products are fully recyclable, UL, CUL, and CE-listed, meet RoHS specifications and contribute points to LEED certified buildings, while also qualifying for commercial tax rebates. Motif’s products represent the next-generation of energy-efficient and sustainable illuminators that help “Go Green.”

Motif Architectural Lighting
Dawna Lee Heising