Power Meets Performance – Seon Launches the New Explorer® DX12 Digital Video Recorder

Coquitlam, Canada, September 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Public safety, incident management, and risk reduction – take control with the new Explorer DX12 digital recorder from Seon Design Inc. The DX12 represents the most powerful mobile DVR on the market today.

Featuring the highest resolution and frame-rate combination available, the DX12 delivers outstanding image quality with the most advanced video storage technology (H.264). The system offers 12 channels with the ability to simultaneously record 30 frames-per-second at 720 x 480 resolution on all channels, and dual hard drives provide double the recording capacity of conventional DVRs.

The DX12 facilitates better incident management through dual streaming technology. Dual streaming technology records two video streams, one lower resolution stream for viewing over a cell phone network, and one high-resolution stream for playback on a PC. The DX12 includes an inertia sensor, which logs and displays G-force data, allowing system administrators to monitor driver behavior including speed, turning, signals, breaking, and idling. The system also provides incident alerts, giving transportation authorities the opportunity to respond to events instantly.

In combination with vMax Commander video managment software, Seon’s automated Health-Check feature monitors DVR and hard drive status. The system will notify the administrator of any issues, ensuring that all onboard events are captured. Supported features include geo-fencing, which allows the administrator to desginate a geographic boundary and receive notification if a vehicle deviates.

Easy to use software allows transportation authorities to track vehicles and retrieve key details about an incident using video footage synchronized with mapping software. Installing the DX12 is quick and easy through an intuitive graphical configuration user-interface.

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Incorporated in 1999, Seon Design Inc. is ranked as the world’s #1 supplier of mobile video surveillance for the bus and coach industry.* As a privately-owned company based in North America, Seon employs its own team of highly qualified electronics and mechanical engineers, and assembles superior quality end-products in its 36,000 square feet manufacturing facility. Seon invests million of dollars every year in product research and development, ensuring that we meet our client’s present and future needs. With a growing team of dedicated professionals, Seon is positioned to continue its double-digit growth rate through the introduction of leading-edge, new technologies in 2010.

*The World Market for Mobile Video Surveillance Equipment, IMS Research, 2007, 2009. This independent UK-based report is published every two years.

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