Thrive Research Introduces Novel Online Adolescent Wellness Solution at National Healthcare Reform Conference, Sept 20-22

1 in 10 Adolescents Suffer from a Mood Disorder. Please visit their exhibit booth #15 at the National Healthcare Reform Conference

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2010 --( Adolescence (13 to 19 years) and young adulthood (through mid-20s) is a time of enormous change, both physically and emotionally. Recent studies have shown that 1 in 10 adolescents suffer from a mood disorder at least once. Episodes of depression and anxiety are particularly problematic, as they impact the entire family, are expensive to treat, and increase the risks of future disorders.

Thrive Research and Stanford University’s Department of Behavioral Sciences have developed an evidence-based online solution that addresses the six key areas of adolescent wellness: mood, stress, sleep, nutrition, fitness and social connections. Because the six areas are interrelated, issues in one area increase the risk of issues in another. For example, sleep issues increase the risk of mood disorders as well as obesity.

Individuals and corporations can subscribe to this private, cost-effective, comprehensive solution tailored to the individual needs of adolescents. Each solution consists of programs with a variety of activities to teach skill building in the six key wellness areas.

Although Thrive’s solutions are not meant to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, they can be used in conjunction with traditional talk and medication therapies. More importantly, they are evidence-based and proven to reduce the risk of mood disorders in adolescents at high risk for depression, anxiety, sleep, and weight issues.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Davar Golding explains “Consumers are increasingly looking to technology to enable them to take charge of their health and wellness. Thrive is at the forefront of this Health 2.0 revolution, incorporating traditional elements of assessment, tracking and feedback into our solutions. We take this concept even further by combining these elements with evidence-based techniques to change behavior for life. No other solution offers this comprehensive approach.”

About Thrive Research, Inc
Thrive Research’s solutions have been developed with top researchers in the field of adolescent behavior at Stanford University’s Department of Behavioral Sciences. Researchers identify an adolescent need (e.g. eating disorder) and use relevant research to develop and test actual programs. In a collaborative partnership with Stanford University, Thrive Research adds robust online functionality and communication tools to produce and distribute adolescent health, wellness and prevention programs.

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