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Learn Korean Now provides members with everything they need to build a strong foundation in Korean online. Members enjoy in-depth lessons, cultural information, as well as friendly forums to use for further explanation – all at an extremely affordable price.

Lilburn, GA, January 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- For those interested in learning Korean, Learn Korean Now is the place to be.  Learn Korean Now provides everything someone needs to get started learning Korean.  The lessons teaching beginning students are in-depth and detailed, yet they are a casual and enjoyable read.

To start off, Learn Korean Now offers extensive lessons on how to read and write in Korean.  After finishing the lessons, a user will be able to read and write in Korean, as well as have correct pronunciation when reading something aloud.

There are nearly 500 audio files to teach the Korean alphabet, which is more than enough to ensure proper pronunciation and understanding of written Korean.

Grammar is explained so that anyone can understand it without using a complicated English grammar to explain it.

There are also have vocabulary and conversational lessons.

Best of all, all Korean on the website has audio - if a member is unsure of pronunciation, he or she just needs to listen to a native speaker and avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing a word.

Members also go on a 'virtual journey through South Korea', or a 28 day trip through Korea experiencing the country as a real Korean would.  Members will see what real homes and real families are like, as well as experience all the top tourist areas in the country.

There are also forums which members can use for further explanation.  If there is something that is a bit more difficult to understand, help is available in the forums.  The site owners / lesson writers will also be in the forums daily to help members out with any questions.

Best of all, Learn Korean Now offers everything for a very affordable price.  Everything is available for less than the cost of a fast food meal!


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