Westcore Capital Limited (WCL) Launches Hosted Resolution for Hedge Funds Trading

Westcore Capital Limited, has recently launched hosted resolution for hedge funds trading. The program aims to maximize the demand for brokerage trading services that are received within close immediacy as exchanges revealed that such are tremendously increasing.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, September 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As observed, most institutions are seen taking advantage of the low abeyance data proviso and time-reduced trading execution as well. For these reasons, some commodity brokerage firms gained benefits through various trading strategies that normally consume data and carry out trades more rapidly.

This immediacy hosting resolution program aims to provide a direct solution through an end to end hosted trading service which is entirely managed which also permits customers to trace down their own application within the specific data center. The program also proposes noteworthy work supports and cost-effective trading tools with broker connectivity for rigid compliance of regulations.

With the new program for hedge funds trading, Westcore Capital Limited is able to provide its clients with wide-ranging and comprehensive trading services- from exceptional trading strategies, algorithmic trading tools, trading tick history to immediacy service hosting to ensure priority access to the commodity market.

About Westcore Capital Limited
Westcore Capital Limited is an ultimate brokerage service provider based on Luxembourg Germany and with office at Geneva Switzerland. We are established to assist you in your trading needs and guide you from beginning to end to the thrilling world of global investments. We provide the highest level of superior services to our clients with utmost level of reliability and integrity. With our expertise and knowledge, we provide brokerage services from simple to most complicated trading and with proven trading strategies that no other brokerage firm could offer. Westcore Capital Limited focuses on providing clients with first-rated personalized and cost-efficient services.

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