Numerologist Takes $10,000 Challenge

Numbers Reveal the Future, or Numerologist Pays

Sarver, PA, January 06, 2007 --( Numerologist Jakob Steele claims that Numerology can reveal future trends and, he’s backing that claim up. He is offering ten predictions for 2007, all posted on his website. What distinguishes his predictions from those made by others – Money!

Banking on ten years experience, the Numerologist and Psychic Entertainer is offering $1,000 to charity for every prediction that does not come to pass by December 31, 2007. His motivation is simple: if he's right people will be forewarned. If he's wrong, people will still benefit. A win win sitution if ever there was one. 

When asked how he felt about the prospect of losing $10,000 Steele replied, "Considering the nature of these predictions, I hope I'm wrong.  Not only will the world be a better place but, some worthwhile organization will benifet."

You can view his ten guaranteed predictions at

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Jakob Steele