AnaSpec Introduces First FRET-Based Cathepsin B Assay

San Jose, CA, September 22, 2010 --( AnaSpec is pleased to announce the release of the SensoLyte® 520 Cathepsin B Activity Assay Kit, the industry’s first FRET-based kit for Cathepsin B. This homogeneous assay can be used for measuring Cathepsin B activity and for screening Cathepsin B inhibitors. The substrate employs in this kit is a peptide sequence containing the QXL™ 520/HiLyte Fluor™ 488 FRET pair. In the intact sequence, the fluorescence of HiLyte Fluor™ 488 is quenched by QXL™ 520. Upon recognition and cleavage by Cathepsin B, the peptide is cleaved into two separate fragments, resulting in the release of HiLyte Fluor™ 488 fluorescence. Fluorescence can be continuously monitored at the green emission range of 520 nm (Ex= 488 nm). The long wavelength fluorescence and pH independent properties of HiLyte Fluor™ 488 mean less interference by autofluorescence of cellular components and test compounds, and the ability to measure Cathepsin B activity at its optimal low pH.

Cathepsin B is a cysteine proteinase belonging to the papain family with broad exo- and endopeptidase activity.1 Overexpression of Cathepsin B has been shown to correlate with metastatic potential and the enzyme is implicated in the ability of tumor cells to invade the extracellular matrix and to metastasize to secondary sites.2-3 Cathepsin B levels are also markedly elevated in a variety of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease (AD).4

SensoLyte® 440 Cathepsin B Assay Kit containing an AMC labeled peptide substrate, with emission in the blue range (Ex/Em=354/442 nm) is also available.

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