Skin Care Milkshake – Part 1: Learning About Skin Care Ingredients

Skincare News gives readers a look at what role skin care ingredients and their combinations play in your favorite products.

Sacramento, CA, January 06, 2007 --( Skin care ingredients play a vital role in each product you end up buying, but what do these wonder ingredients do exactly?’s latest article, “Your Skin Care Milkshake – Part 1: Specific Ingredients Are Key!”, explains the skin care technology responsible for some of the most popular and best selling skincare and anti-aging products on the market today.

The article starts off with telling readers why it is important to know about such skincare ingredients: 

Alone, each ingredient is pretty potent but dermatologists and skincare specialists are continuing to find that when these factors are combined in just the right way, the results can mean taking years off of your face or alleviating skin conditions that normally have to be treated in the doctor's office. Knowing what some of these formulations are will help you, as a consumer, become better informed of the skin care world, as well as help you figure out which products will suit your skin's needs the best. 

The article adds the term “polypeptide” to readers’ vocabularies: 

Polypeptides, according to, are two or more amino acids that are bound together. When water is added into the mix, this causes a chemical reaction that produces multiple amino acids. In laymen's terms: intense moisturization. Skincare specialists have found that when added to skin care products, even the driest skin is supplied with the proper amount of moisture, which has spawned numerous breakthroughs in dry skincare.

Grapes also play a part in skin care ingredients and not as part of a snack:

The use of grape seed extract sometimes called grape seed oil, is becoming a heavily used skin care ingredient, and with good reason. According to, grape seed extract is odorless, light and fine in texture and is easily absorbed by the skin--a definite plus. Acne prone skin and other common skin disorders greatly benefit from products that contain grape seed extract due to its mild astringent qualities, which tighten and tone the skin without causing irritation. 

According to skin care expert Denise Carter, people shouldn’t be afraid of technology. “It’s comforting to know that any product you buy, you can look at the label and say, ‘hey, I know what that is!’ Learning about some of the most used skin care ingredients will help consumers make better decisions when it comes to their skincare.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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