Actress Chase Masterson will be Interviewed Live on Talk Show Space Station Liberty

Chris Meadows will be interviewing actress and singer Chase Masterson on his live talk show podcast Space Station Liberty, Friday, January 12th at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific.

Springfield, MO, January 06, 2007 --( Chris Meadows will be interviewing Chase Masterson, multi-talented actress and singer best known for her role as Dabo girl Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, on his live talk show podcast Space Station Liberty. The interview will be recorded live, and will take place on Friday, January 12th at 10 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Pacific time. After Meadows completes his interview, Masterson will take questions from the call-in audience, and questions can also be submitted via the contact form at

The interview will focus on Masterson's acting and singing career and on her role in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, the new sequel to 1985's Robotech TV series scheduled for DVD release on February 6th. "I'm really excited about the chance to interview Chase Masterson," Meadows said. "I hope as many Robotech fans, Star Trek fans, and Chase Masterson fans as possible will call in and be a part of it."

Chase Masterson is an American actress whose roles have included Dabo girl Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Ivy Lief on General Hospital. She is also an accomplished singer, having released an album of jazz and torch songs called The Thrill of the Chase. Masterson was recently named one of the "50 Sexiest Women of the Year" by Femme Fatales magazine, and surveys report her to be the most popular guest at Star Trek fan conventions over the years. Her most recent role is the voice of android singer Janice Em in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. For more information, see

Space Station Liberty is the live call-in talk show hosted by Chris Meadows via the TalkShoe podcasting service. The focus of this show is the Robotech television series. Guests and audience members may call in by ordinary telephone or Voice-Over-IP and participate in the discussion, as well as share comments by text-based chat. The show can be streamed live or downloaded as an mp3 podcast after recording ends. In recent weeks, Meadows has interviewed Harmony Gold Creative Director Tommy Yune, Harmony Gold Brand Coordinator Tom Bateman, and Harmony Gold Production & Marketing executive Kevin McKeever. For more information on Space Station Liberty, see For more information on TalkShoe, see

Robotech is an animated science-fiction television series made up of three separate television series from Japan, adapted for American first-run syndication by Harmony Gold in 1985. In its original run, Robotech performed extremely well, often appearing first in its timeslot in many major market areas. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is the 85-minute animated feature film produced as a sequel to Robotech in 2006. It is currently in limited theatrical release, and will be released on Funimation DVD on February 6th. For more information, see and

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