SIPP Unveils the "New Soda" and Launches a Sparkling Eco Beverage

Ginger, Pears, Blackberries, Vanilla and Mint now all have one thing in common. They're "eco-friendly" in a bottle.

Philadelphia, PA, September 28, 2010 --( Finally, you can enjoy sophisticated flavors and the fun of the classic soda you love, but without the health hazards of chemical preservatives, artificial colors and other additives. “People ask me if SIPP is a soda, a juice or a mixer and I reply, it’s an eco beverage!” said Beth Parentice, Founder and President of SIPP eco beverage co. Her mission was to create an organic healthier alternative to mass-market beverages while supporting organizations working toward a healthy environment. She chose organic blue agave nectar as the natural sweetener and specifically selected one that utilizes sustainable farming practices. Agave nectar is pricier than sugar and high fructose corn syrup, but it's low glycemic level and sweetness has helped create the beverage she envisioned – an organic beverage with multiple levels of flavor, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and caffeine free.

Parentice has raised the “bar” by creating SIPP as an upscale organic sparkling beverage by day and a creative cocktail mixer by night. “I made it simple for the new organic cocktail enthusiast,” Parentice says, “just add vodka!” Frustrated with finding only artificial, neon-colored mixes on the store shelves, she believed her new beverage would be the perfect mixer to create eco-licious libations. Parentice’s background as a mixologist came in handy when developing the Philadelphia-based company’s adventurous recipes. “The taste testing was the fun part!” Parentice said.

SIPP is planned to roll out nationwide and initially you will see this eco beverage in some of the top hotels and restaurants, as chefs are embracing the concept of gourmet soda not only as an integral part of their drink menu, but their food menu as well. "A fast growing trend is eco beverage pairing dinners,” said Parentice, referring to a program she will help roll out at some of the top restaurants. "Our SIPP Ginger Blossom pairs extremely well with Asian cuisine, especially sushi. SIPP Mojo Berry compliments Caribbean and spicy fare with its blackberry, mint and lime flavors," Parentice said. SIPP brand beverages are crisp and refreshing and each style has multiple levels of flavor. Parentice added, “Those who prefer adventurous foods and more complex wines seem to want a more flavorful beverage or cocktail.” SIPP is positioned to meet those desires.

SIPP eco beverage co.
Maggie Tate, Media Relations