Real Estate Agents Learn the Art of Seduction

Seminar teaches agents how to successfully generate business from the people they know

Newton, AL, January 09, 2007 --( While most real estate agents agree that a strong Sphere of Influence, (or SOI; a personal network of friends, family and past clients), is fundamental to success, the majority of agents are still beating the street in hopes of attracting business from strangers. Lead generating techniques are a hot topic in agent discussion groups, with active debates on the costs and benefits of various methods such as lead purchasing, search engine placement and of course, the more traditional prospecting activities of cold-calling, door-knocking and For-Sale-by-Owner chasing. Every real estate agent is looking for the magic bullet to guarantee him or her a steady supply of quality leads.

That magic bullet, according to real estate agent and author Jennifer Allan, is an effective SOI seduction campaign. Allan is the lead presenter in a teleseminar scheduled for January 30, 2007 entitled The Seduction of Your SOI. The seminar promises to show agents how to maximize the business and referrals they receive from the people they know. While it may seem like a simple concept, many agents are reluctant to pursue a SOI business model. “The primary objection,” says Allan, “is that agents don’t want to develop a reputation for being ‘that annoying real estate agent’ who is avoided at parties.”

According to Allan, the seminar will teach agents how to respectfully generate business and referrals from an SOI, without annoying anybody. She promises to offer tips and techniques for building and managing a strong SOI and to dispel the myths surrounding an SOI marketing strategy.

For more information or to register for the seminar, visit and click on “Seminar Information.” There is no cost to attend the seminar.

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