SRI Hermetics, Inc. Announces the Release of Their Laser Weldable Hermetic Aluminum Nano-Miniature Dual Lobe Single Row Connectors

To complement their dual row nano-minature connectors, they are now offering hermetic versions of the single row nano-minature connectors. These connectors conform to MIL-DTL-32139/2.

Melbourne, FL, September 29, 2010 --( SRI Hermetics’ laser weldable hermetic aluminum Nano-Miniature Dual Lobe Single Row connectors conform to MIL-DTL-32139/2 (receptacles) and are available in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, and 51 pin/socket configurations. These connectors have socket contacts on 0.025” spacing, making these the smallest hermetic connectors available. The non-mating side can be supplied with insulated wire, custom flex circuits, or configured to accept wire bonds. Leak rates are less than 1 X 10 -9 cc/sec He at one atmosphere differential pressure. The Dual Lobe Single Row connectors have a temperature range of -65 C to 200 C. These high-rel connectors are currently being deployed in space applications, IR systems, UAVs, and integrated microwave assemblies.

The Nano-miniature, like all of SRI Hermetics’ multi-pin connectors, utilize SRI Hermetics’ exclusive Ceramax® dielectric compound in conjunction with BeCu contacts to create a best-in-class hermetic seal. Ceramax® is impervious to crack propagation, the #1 failure mode of conventional glass seals and lesser ceramics. The Nano-Miniature Dual Lobe Single Row connectors are also available in titanium and stainless steel.

SRI Hermetics also offers a full line of hermetic D-subs, Micro-D, RF feedthroughs, and circular connectors in aluminum and titanium. All of these parts can be integrated at SRI Hermetics into custom hermetic electronic packages.

SRI Hermetics Inc.
Fred Williams