Jobtrottr Offers to Improve Your Quality of Life launches an accurate Geo localized job search engines with social features. Jobtrottr features allow for job seekers to find jobs closer to where they live thus greatly reducing their commute time. Employers will benefit from an increased employee retention rate.

Montreal, Canada, September 30, 2010 --( Jobtrottr's new services help candidates locate accurately mapped Geo localized jobs that are closer to their home thus improving their overall quality of life by saving hours on their weekly commute time and reducing their carbon footprint.

Jobtrottr is a new comer in the job search arena offering visitors an easy to use experience while searching for local jobs that correspond more closely to their needs. The community driven service allows users to precisely relocate jobs using familiar mapping technology, add job related news and events and manage their job searches giving access to more than 5 millions jobs around the world.

Employers will benefit greatly by receiving better candidates that are willing to commute to the actual job location resulting in higher employee retention. When adding a job posting the employer, which can also be a placement agency, has to specify a location that can be as general as the zip code or as precise as the actual street address. Job offers added by registered employers cannot be moved by the site users. Employers can also do resume searches based on the job location benefiting from the same advantages the users do.


Jobtrottr is a startup located in the greater Montreal area in Quebec, Canada that is offering worldwide local job search services via its web site It is privately held by Frederic Nourry, CEO and lead architect; a Web Developer and entrepreneur having more than 10 years of experience in various technologies.

Supported by Eric Duhaime, also a Developer, having more than 12 years of experience in various web and desktop technologies, he is the lead designer and handles all things artistic for the site.

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Frederic Nourry, CEO and Lead Architect
frederic.nourry (@) jobtrottr dot com

Frederic Nourry