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Micheal Hudson, Ph.D., "The Big Idea Guru", gives away his ideas formulated from 20+ years of experience via “Daily B.I.G. Idea”, a daily email with a fresh take on how to streamline processes, be more productive, and market more effectively.

Lewes, DE, January 10, 2007 --( Michael Hudson, Ph.D. a.k.a. “The Big Idea Guru” has launched a website designed solely to assist entrepreneurs, growing business leaders, and independent professionals in taking their businesses and careers to the next level. He does this in the manner of sharing his education and experience via “Daily B.I.G. Idea”, an email sent out daily to subscribers giving them a fresh take on how to streamline processes, enthuse employees, be more productive, and market products and services more effectively.

In this fast-paced, international business market, everyone is working hard to keep pace with competitors, yet few have the opportunity to spend time searching for innovative ways to improve their bottom line. For these people, Dr. Hudson’s Daily B.I.G. Idea provides thought-provoking ways to amp up sales and services with easy-to-implement ideas.

Most noteworthy, is that Dr. Hudson is sharing these ideas at no cost to subscribers. This is a great value since all of them are a direct result of his 20+ years of experience working with over 700 growing organizations. And, while the ideas are fresh and innovative to the reader, they are in fact tried and true as Dr. Hudson has helped to implement them in many of the businesses that he has worked with over his career. Dr. Hudson states “I have repeatedly received feedback from people who are amazed at the dramatic impact that these small changes have made to their bottom line and process flow.”

Each Idea is presented in a “bite-sized chunk” of 75-100 words and is designed to be easy to implement. As an added benefit, most can be done for low- or no-cost. The intent is for the reader to be able to put the idea to work immediately and begin experiencing the benefits without delay. In every Daily B.I.G. Idea email, Dr. Hudson explains the thought behind the day’s idea, and the benefits that can be expected after it is implemented, but leaves the door open for readers to customize it to their own businesses. Every type of business will find invaluable information with a Daily B.I.G. Idea subscription.

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