The Edmund Law Firm Wins Favorable Decision in High Profile Family Law Case

After making several court appearances, The Edmunds Law Firm earned a favorable decision in a huge family law case.

San Diego, CA, October 01, 2010 --( Alan Edmunds, owner of The Edmunds Law Firm, is proud to announce that his firm achieved a favorable decision in a large family law case on September 10, 2010. Attorney John Griffith, a partner in the firm, handled the matter through several court appearances and a long trial.

The facts that were presented to the court involved assets from a divorce that were left out nearly 2 years prior. The husband - the opposing party in this case - had omitted assets that were worth several thousand dollars. Other issues that were litigated included the distribution of other financial assets and spousal support.

The case was a difficult due of the length of time that passed. This created questions in the mind of the court about the wife's request to take jurisdiction over the omitted asset and divide it amongst the parties.

“Mr. Griffith's presentation in argument, as well as through the pleadings was compelling,” noted Attorney Edmunds. “The court ordered the husband to pay his ex-wife half of the value of the assets that were not previously dispersed.”

In addition, the client received a substantial increase in support and the request for arrears on the new order was approved.

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