Navan Foods is Participating in the First Ever Non-GMO Month

Navan Foods: The Allergy Free Food Shop is proud to announce its participation in the first ever Non-GMO Month, a time to celebrate a consumers’ right to choose non-GMO, raise awareness about GMOs, and promote products that are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Virginia Beach, VA, October 04, 2010 --( Navan Foods: The Allergy Free Food Shop is proud to announce its participation in the first ever national Non-GMO Month, launching October 2010. The goal of Non-GMO Month is to empower retailers across the country to raise awareness about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Non-GMO Project, and to support long-term availability of non-GMO food and ingredients.

Specializing in allergy free foods, Navan Foods recognizes the importance of providing information about the food it offers to customers. In addition to knowing about allergen information, customers have consistently showed an interest in knowing whether the foods they were purchasing contained GMOs. The Non-GMO Project offers a third party verification program that ensures verified products have gone through a uniformed process to confirm its non-GMO status. Since the incorporation of the Non-GMO Project, thousands of products have been enrolled into its testing program, the Product Verification Program (PVP), and hundreds have already become verified and include the Non-GMO Project Verification Mark, or seal, on packaging. A complete list is available at

“We have seen interest in non-GMO foods increase in the past couple of years,” states Jennifer Elizondo, President of Navan Foods. “Knowing what goes into food is very important for individuals living with food allergies and for many of our customers, GMO status is important to them just as allergen information is. The Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act requires manufacturers to list the top eight allergens contained in a product. But nothing like that exists for labeling of GMOs. Navan Foods was created with the concept of providing point of sale information so that customers could make safe, informed choices about the food they eat. The Non-GMO project’s PVP supports a consumer’s right to make an informed choice which we as a retailer support.”

According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, as much as 75 percent of processed food in the United States may contain genetically modified organisms, none of which is labeled as GMO. At the same time, polls consistently show that a significant majority of North Americans would like to be able to tell if the food they’re purchasing contains GMOs; a 2008 CBS News Poll found that 87% of consumers wanted GMOs labeled, and according to a recent CBS/New York Times poll, 53% of consumers said they would not buy food that has been genetically modified.

“In 30 other countries around the world, including Australia, Japan and all of the nations in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production of GMOs,” said Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project. “Consumer excitement is definitely growing as the Non-GMO Project seal appears on more and more products, as evidenced by our 16,000+ Facebook fans. It’s wonderful to have the support of retailers across the country leading the way in providing shoppers with the information and non-GMO options they deserve.”

During October, Navan Foods will have special displays and information available, including the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, to raise consumer awareness. In addition, product promotions for Non-GMO Project Verified products will take place throughout the entire month. On 10.10.10, or Non-GMO Day, Navan Foods will participate in a fundraising event and has pledged to donate one percent of that day’s sales to the Non-GMO Project.

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About Navan Foods
Navan Foods was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating a community resource to assist individuals looking to better their health through safe food choices. The founder, Jennifer Elizondo, created the company based on her experiences shopping for a child with multiple food allergies. The company was recognized for its help to individuals with special diets by being named to Supermarket News' Fit 25 for special needs programs.

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