Netazen Makes Text Messaging Easier

"Thumbs" Everywhere Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Lakewood, NY, January 11, 2007 --( Netazen has announced a new enhancement to its Web-based email product, short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service. The new feature lets subscribers to Netazen’s Web-based email instantly send text messages, as well as standard email, which means no clumsy thumbing in messages on your wireless phone anymore.

Here’s how it works: Netazen customers can access their Web-based email accounts as they always have, but now a drop-down menu gives an option to select email only, text message only or both. A simple cell phone field in the user’s address book drives the feature. In addition, Netazen includes a function that allows users to keep within the 160 character limit required by cell phone carriers for text messages.

"Communication is everything and we make the fluidity of information one of our primary concerns" ~ Jeffery Bull - Owner

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George Adams