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Preemie Magazine and ClinicaHealth Launch New Online Social Networking Site for Parents of Preemies

Arlington, VA, January 15, 2007 --( Preemie Magazine, the leading print publication and online resource for the parents of preemies and the professionals that care for them, today introduced a new online support community. The online Preemie community at (and via gives the parents of children born prematurely a safe, trusted environment in which to share and support one another through their individual journeys and experiences.

The Preemie Online Community makes powerful social networking features accessible to parents who want to spend time focused on their children, rather than their computers. On this new site, parents have the opportunity to easily create online journals reflecting their experiences raising their children — from the NICU through to the school years. Parents create and participate in discussions about medical, lifestyle, and emotional issues surrounding the care and raising of premature children. And, most important of all, they can find and connect directly with others who are going through similar experiences.

"Our new community enables our readers to find a network of people they may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet," said Deb Discenza, co-founder and President of Preemie Magazine. "By providing a safe forum for members to talk to about their experiences, the online community will be of tremendous value to all preemie parents and those who love and care for them."

The Preemie Online Community was developed for Preemie Magazine by ClinicaHealth, the leading provider of social networks dedicated to health and wellness. ClinicaHealth currently runs health and wellness networks on behalf of leading organizations including the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health, The Lung Cancer Alliance, The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, and the Arthritis Foundation.

"Online social networks aren't new — but in areas related to health and wellness, we're now using them in new and exciting ways," said Brian Loew, founder of ClinicaHealth. "We've taken the features that make today's online communities — typically built around dating, or sports, or finance — and put them to use in an environment that takes consideration of all the things that make health a unique subject. We create for patients and their caregivers supportive yet confidential communities customized to the unique aspects of different health conditions."

Loew said he was confident that the Preemie Community, launched today, will share many of the characteristics that have made ClinicaHealth's communities so essential to so many people. "Today we support more than 5,000 patients and caregivers across more than ten different health and wellness categories, ranging from cancer to arthritis to sleep. The feedback we get from our communities is remarkable... people tell us that the sites we build for them have given them new levels of emotional support... and allowed them the equally important opportunity to give back that support to others."

Thousands of user comments are posted in these health communities every day, Loew said, on topics that range from celebrating good news from a recent doctor's appointment to in-depth discussions of recent medical breakthroughs. "That's the kind of support we're thrilled to be giving to parents though our new partnership with Preemie Magazine," Loew added.

The new Preemie Community launched January 1 and can be found online at or via Preemie Magazine's website at

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