Wee Web’s New Leadership Team Reimagines the Family Experience for the Digital Age

In the digital village, it takes Wee Web to raise a child

New York, NY, October 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Under the new management of Jason Olim, web innovator and former founder of CDNow and Cory Bronson, an expert on parenting trends, Wee Web (www.wee-web.com) announces the relaunch of its site as the ultimate app for parents and families in the digital era.

Wee Web maintains the security standards, ease of use and media handling capabilities that it had been known for. However, with the relaunch, the brand aims to do more than just media sharing. Wee Web has reimagined what is possible for families in the digital era and has built a environment where they can come together to be a part of and participate in a child’s life.

“In the digital world, geography shouldn’t play a critical role in how parents develop a family/close friend network or ‘team’ for their children,” says Jason. “With Wee Web, geography doesn’t matter. We’ve given parents a way to create the network of people who they want to have participating in their kids’ lives. We’re helping parents build the team of people who matter most and who will become the champions, advisors, confidants and lifelong friends for their kids.”

“We built a site that fits into a parents’ lifestyle,” says Cory. With geographic separation common among families today, facilitating family bonds requires diligence on the part of the parents to chronicle the stories and development of their kids so that family can participate in their lives. For any parent, the emotional benefits to developing those bonds for their child are truly life changing, however, in the chaos of parenting, maintaining the updates, stories photos, etc can be difficult. “We’re looking at this not just from the perspective of what the web can do, but what parents do, and we’ve built Wee Web differently so that it works for them.” With features including reminders to parents that their kids are about to hit a certain milestone (and to make sure to capture it) and letting parents do batch uploads but set the date the events happened so as to maintain proper chronology, Wee Web works with parents to help them perpetuate family bonds.

“Wee Web has brought my family closer,” says Jason. “My wife’s family lives in Germany, while we’re in New York. Her father hadn’t met our son until he was 4 months old, but participating in his development through Wee Web, he bonded with him from day one, and despite the distance, that bond will continue to grow. What we’re doing makes a difference for families; Wee Web is helping guide the family experience into the 21st century.”

About Wee Web:
Wee Web (www.wee-web.com) is the social media site for today’s new parents. It’s a tool that understands parents, supports their needs, and celebrates what makes them parents - their kids. Wee Web is the central and secure place where parents store and organize their kids’ media and chronicle their kids’ development. It’s how parents share their kids’ lives with family and close friends on their own private network and with their larger online communities, wherever they are. In the digital world, Wee Web is how a parent gets to be a parent.

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