Wee Web Launches Smart Albums - Tools to Track Kids’ Development

Scrapbooking solutions for the digital age.

New York, NY, October 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Wee Web (www.wee-web.com) launched Smart Albums, tools designed to help parents record and track their children’s development. The feature set includes the Bump Tracker, Growth Tracker and a series of Milestone albums.

The Bump Tracker and Growth Tracker are specialized albums that allow parents to organize the photos of the progress of their pregnancy and their child’s growth in an ordered chronology. The Bump Tracker tracks pregnancy by week and sends email reminders to the parents when new photo installments are due. Similarly, the Growth Trackers track a child’s growth starting with ultra sounds and continue with reminder notices till four years of age. Each tracker has a slideshow feature making it fun and easy for family to watch the rapid growth.

“Distance and geographic separation can be very hard on family members, particularly when kids are little because the family misses so much in the early years as the children grow and change almost daily,” says Cory Bronson, Wee Web cofounder. Growth Trackers let family follow a child’s growth and development which helps create continuity in the relationship with the kids between visits. “Seeing the kids after time apart isn’t as shocking because family has watched the kids grow. Our Bump Trackers do the same thing, particularly for grandmothers-to-be who aren’t there to share the experience with their daughters. We’ve also heard from many of our moms-to-be who enjoy using it themselves, watching their bellies grow!”

The Milestone Albums let parents document developments and milestones in their children’s lives. Each album has both photo and story capabilities so parents can capture the full experience. Wee Web offers 16 preset milestones including ‘First Tooth’ and ‘First Smile,’ with reminders to the parents as their children approach the age for the specific development. Coming soon will be the ability for users to create their own customized milestone albums. With each milestone post, family members receive news of the development and can view, comment and share as well.

“Our new features make Wee Web the ultimate service for parents to record their kids’ lives,” says Jason Olim, Wee Web cofounder. “I’m a recent first-time dad, and I realize just how quickly my son grows and changes. It is important to capture these one-time moments so my family can see them. And it’s fun for me to look back on them, too.”

About Wee Web:
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