is Selling Grandma's Wholesome Kamut Flour Cookies

New Hempstead, NY, October 10, 2010 --( will now be selling Grandma's Wholesome Kamut Flour Cookies though their web site

The cookies are made with organic Kamut Flour, which is the ancient wheat. Kamut is advocated by nutritionists as the best absorbed into the entire system. It is well assimilated, thereby giving fulfillment and satiety, contrary to modern wheat, which causes many of the various health problems that offend the consumers. It is pleasantly sweetened with organic sugar. Organic sugar, complete with vitamins, actually nurture and rebuild the pancreas which may have weakened as a result if white sugar intake. It is available in five heavenly flavors. The cookies are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and the CRC.

About Challah-n-more

Challah-n-more is located in beautiful Rockland county, New York. We pride ourselves in offering the best tasting challah delivered directly to your door. All our products are baked by a local bakery that has been producing quality baked goods for over 20 years with pride and passion.

We offer two delicious challah recipes, the N-More recipe and the "Bagel City" recipe. Depending on your location, challahs will either be hand delivered to your door or shipped via UPS or USPS. Slicing is available at no extra charge.

All challahs are certified kosher by the OU and are baked in a nut free environment. Commercial or school accounts are welcome. Please contact us for ceremonial and other special challahs.

We also sell tasty and nutritious Amy Lyn's Flax Thins.

Keith Baumgarten