activTek Environmental Awarded SMACNA Brazil Highlights Of The Year Award

Dallas, TX, October 13, 2010 --( As a follow up to their press release from early September, activTek Brazil has now been awarded the prestigious SMACNA Highlights Of The Year Award as a supplier of state-of-the-art technology to the Santander Banking Hub in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Presented annually by the Brazilian Construction Bureau, the Highlights Of The Year award distinguishes air handling systems clients, contractors, manufacturers, and installers by recognizing technical achievements in thermal engineering. The new Santander Bank system, currently the most modern HVAC system ever installed in Brazil, utilizes 305 activTek products strategically placed throughout the installation, with 305 more scheduled for install in 2011.

Presented on September 16th in Sao Paulo to Santander Bank, the award recipients included activTek Brazil along with other key suppliers and installers for their expertise and contributions to the new banking headquarters. activTek Brazil was directly involved in the process of specification, installation, and sales of units, working directly with the bank and installation contractors throughout the 18 month long project.

“We would like to congratulate our excellent team in Brazil led by Henrique Cury and Maria Carolina,” said Joseph P. Urso, Chairman & CEO. “Their leadership and energy led to this spectacular award. This landmark installation is groundbreaking for all activTek Distributors around the world and sets a standard for excellence that we all aspire to.”

activTek Brazil is part of the International Division of activTek Environmental / DBG Group Investments, LLC., which belongs to the Aerus Holdings family of companies, including Aerus Electrolux, Vollara, TriStar, and others.

SMACNA is the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, with chapters in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, and Direct Members in England, India, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and South Africa.

Mike Magolnick/Sr Dir of Sales & Communications