Minc Properties Uses Multi-property Hotellinx Suite in an International Environment

Turku, Finland, January 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Minc Properties is an expanding chain of luxury apartments for shorter and longer stays. Currently they have properties located in UK and Dubai, with other countries coming.

To Minc Properties, the key to their business is a centralized system, which gives both users in their own organization and guests easy access to all their properties. Minc Properties chose Hotellinx Suite on the first hand for its multi-property features, but also for its flexibility in general. Once the system had been set up and the first properties added, Minc Properties can now at any time add more apartments to a property or even more properties themselves, without having to wait or pay for assistance.

Since Minc Properties first installed Hotellinx Suite with a few London properties, their installation has already expanded into a centralized international system with fifteen properties in UK and Dubai. Users in either country only click on one Hotellinx icon on their desktop to get access to all properties, and they do this without necessarily even knowing in what country Hotellinx Suite is physically installed. The built-in parameters make Hotellinx Suite flexible enough to work in an international environment. Its flexibility also otherwise allows for Minc Properties to use it in their own special way without losing the benefits regarding support, development and automated updates that only a standard package can give you.

Internet reservations made on Minc Properties’ web site constitute an important part of their business and these reservations are directly integrated with Hotellinx Suite through Hotellinx’s own xml interface. This means that a guest can browse all Minc Properties and see where there are apartments available and at what prices, and when they make their choice, the reservation is automatically added to Hotellinx Suite.

Last, but not least, with the kind of centralized system that Hotellinx Suite is, Minc Properties can on one report see all their guests, what properties they have visited and when, even when the properties are in different countries, and target further marketing according to that.

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