Gray & Creech Water Systems, Inc. Releases Podcast on the Future of Safe Drinking Water Systems

Vice President of Operations at Local Water and Coffee Systems Distributor Discusses the Benefits of Bottleless Innowave Water Treatment Systems

Raleigh, NC, January 12, 2007 --( Vicky Hortman, president at Gray & Creech Water Systems, Inc., has announced the release of a podcast addressing the future of safe drinking water systems. In the podcast, Lee Hortman, vice president of operations at Gray & Creech, discusses the company’s Innowave water treatment systems and their benefits for fighting common water contaminants to provide safe, odorless, quality drinking water. The podcast is available for download at

“This is the first podcast for Gray & Creech,” said Vicky Hortman. “Our company takes great pride in providing North Carolina businesses with the systems that meet the highest standards quality and water safety.”

“Bottled water is quickly becoming a thing of the past,” said Lee Hortman. “Innowave systems are emerging as a ‘must-have’ item in the office because they are cost-efficient, convenient and state-of-the-art in preventing water contamination in today’s drinking water.”

About Gray & Creech Water Systems, Inc.:
Originally founded in 1922 as an office duplicator distributor, Gray & Creech Water Systems, Inc. is now the largest company in the Triangle supplying state-of-the-art office drinking water purification systems to North Carolina businesses. The company uses a unique point-of-use technology that refines regular tap water to provide consistent, high-quality drinking water that is free from contaminants and odor. Gray & Creech water systems are highly renowned for providing businesses with significant cost savings over traditional bottled water solutions, typically offering companies cost savings of 50 to 65 percent. In addition to meeting the drinking water needs of businesses, Gray & Creech also provides the most advanced office coffee systems available, featuring revolutionary conveniences and coffee of exceptional quality. For more information, visit

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