“Donate Me Something” – a New Approach to Fundraising

Toronto, Canada, January 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- A unique concept with a goal of raising $1,014,650 for education by receiving donations from the Internet users.

An MBA prospect began a fundraising campaign aimed at collecting enough money to pay off his outstanding debts and at making a million dollars to cover his impending MBA tuition expenses. “From my undergraduate studies I was left with huge student loan, and monthly loan payments have consumed a good portion of my income,” he says. “Going for my MBA degree, I rather prepare in advance.” So www.DonateMeSomething.com was born.

Targeting both charitable donors and advertisers www.DonateMeSomething.com employs a combination of fundraising methods: from collecting actual donations to selling advertising space. Ad banners are grouped into three categories (based on the banner size) and displayed in a rotating order within each group. With each page refresh ads are shuffled to display new banners. The limited number of ad spaces within each group ensures good click-through rates and quality exposure for each individual banner. Check the “FAQ” section for more information.

Furthermore, all users are encouraged listing something futile on eBay or Yahoo auction instead of sending it to a landfill. In return for donating a small portion of the auction proceedings, the auction itself is promoted on the front page of www.DonateMeSomething.com. Check the “FAQ” section for more information.

“I pondered the notion of luring public attention to one of my creations for few years now,” says the creator. “Wide acceptance of odd ideas always amazed me, so I began thinking of a way to build something peculiar and fun with a purpose of raising money. However, my main goal was to prove that anyone, literally anyone, can make a small fortune on the Internet.” True to its original intent, www.DonateMeSomething.com is attempting to be creative and fun at the same time, visualizing the money accruement process for an occasional visitor to monitor it.  

Good luck with donations, but why would anyone buy ads? Banner ad is a very effective form of adverting. Placing your ad on a site whose popularity continuously increasing is a good investment. No recurring costs and guaranteed exposure until January 2012 would offer excellent advertising value for the money spent.

There are a few tricks to get a better exposure and click-through rate on www.DonateMeSomething.com for both banner ads and auction promotions. Attractive design and descriptive “tool tip” will help your banner to stand out from the crowd. Making auction title and description “catchy” will attract visitors’ attention as well. The bottom line is if visitors like it, they will click it. Additionally, paying above the base price will increase the appearance frequency and improve the location of your ad or auction listing. And, of course, placing the ad earlier will allow more users to see it.

Five days after its release the website already collected over $1,000 and the number of unique visitors increased from 5 to over a 1,000. Any donation, including simply visiting the site, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for participating.

For more information please contact:
Donate Me Something
Tel: 416.939.5449
Email: info@donatemesomething.com

Donate Me Something
Alex Prost