New Website Launches with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in Mind

Phoenix, AZ, January 16, 2007 --( Vision Media Corporation, a marketing, design, and software development firm based in the Phoenix and Las Vegas metro areas, recently launched with the intention of providing a resource to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Nearly every page at is packed with innovative marketing ideas, information on building strong businesses, and even a step-by-step article entitled “How to Become an Instant Entrepreneur,” which gives the aspiring entrepreneur a 5-step how-to process for inspiring innovation and inventions as discussed in Thomas Kelley’s book “The Art of Innovation.”

Dan Orlando, CEO of Vision Media Corporation and web copywriter for states “We’ve learned a lot in the last year as our businesses have evolved.  Jeff (CIO and Co-founder of Vision Media) and I have done a lot of serious research in order to identify the primary elements that will determine and predict a company’s future success. We’ve decided to provide this valuable knowledge as a resource to other business owners and entrepreneurs in order to make the small business failure rate more favorable and ultimately influence more people to get out of the industrial era’s big-business mentality and start something of their own.”  

Jeff Sandrini, CIO of Vision Media explains that “It seems like when we were young we always wanted to go to the moon, or be a doctor, a lawyer or some other thing that was all based off of creativity and never a dollar figure.  It seems that as we get older we lose that and look for the money and forget about the dream. In (Vision Media’s) case, Dan and I are lucky enough with what we’re doing to continue to dream and always know that the money will follow because in the IT industry, imagination is where’s it’s at.  It’s really just a matter of who can build the LEGO castle first.”

The company also released information on plans to launch a second website,, which will be a collaborative effort between a group of authors and trend-watchers, to provide an outlet to those seeking information on developing trends in marketing and advertising. According to Orlando, “ seeks to be a community and resource for marketing innovation. We believe that in the future, the majority of successful business models will be those that have marketing at the core, and businesses will need a reliable source of cutting-edge news and information to develop cutting-edge business models.”  The company plans to launch the site at the end of February.   

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Vision Media Corporation
Dan Orlando