So Cal Love… Online Designer Consignment Boutique with a Twist

Designer Consignment Boutique with a Focus on Doing Good for Animal Welfare.

Pittsburgh, PA, October 21, 2010 --( So Cal Love Boutique is an online designer clothing consignment boutique which will donate a portion from every sale to animal welfare organizations. The online boutique is expected to launch in November of 2010. Consignors have two options: Consign with So Cal Love and earn 40% for the sale of each item within their ninety day consignment period, and an additional 21% will be distributed among the three standing animal welfare organizations So Cal Love supports - The Kris Kelly Foundation, Adopt A Chow, LA, and A Chance for Bliss. Or consignors may indicate the name of their favorite animal rescue organization, waive their 40% consignment fee and make a donation on their behalf. Animal rescue organizations nationwide may run their own “designer clothing drives” by having people donate their items for consignment in the boutique. So Cal Love then recycles, by selling the excellent quality clothing in their online boutique and makes the donation to the animal rescue organizations.

Having operated a non-profit public benefit corporation established in Los Angeles in 2003 for animal welfare, founder, Ms. Lisa Pellegrene wanted to come up with an efficient and creative way to help animal rescue organizations on a nationwide basis with fund raising. She had realized time and time again, while the desire to help abandoned animals throughout California and elsewhere is immense, often times fund raising efforts fall short to meet the enormous need. “I have always realized the need for profitable companies to be socially accountable and contribute to a cause that they are passionate about. There are only so many grant making organizations and a limited amount of grants that go out each year. Those running many of the non-profit organizations are doing outstanding work in the realm of animal welfare and other important causes. It is my belief it is time for companies to step forward and contribute to these causes. This way, in terms of So Cal Love for an example, in every business transaction there is support for a cause so important to many of us. I realize in the grand scheme of things, it is time for a change in the way business models are developed. Traditional methods of fund raising often times fall short to meet the demand of each sector in need. If every entrepreneur worked out a way to stand behind a cause that they are passionate about, we would see a huge difference made in the world of philanthropy.” So Cal Love is stepping forward to do just that. Ms. Pellegrene has nearly 10 years experience buying and selling designer clothing and received her start doing so in Los Angeles. Helping animals throughout California and elsewhere, and having an outstanding shopping experience has never gone hand in hand, until now. For more about how to get involved, please visit or email for more information.

So Cal Love Boutique
Lisa Pellegrene