Skin Care Art: How Skincare and Airbrushing Go Together

Skincare News introduces the latest makeup and skin care phenomenon: airbrushed makeup.

Sacramento, CA, January 16, 2007 --( Skin care can be complex or simple. With applying makeup, that can be another story.’s latest article, “A Painter’s Canvas? The New Look of Skincare and Cosmetics” gives readers a sneak peek at the latest cosmetic trend.

The article introduces the mind behind the idea of fusing airbrushing with makeup: 

Dina Ousley was a Hollywood actress and makeup artist that was looking for a way to cause makeup to look even better than ever before on the big screen. As a result, she researched different components of skincare and beauty and developed Dinair©, an airbrushed makeup system. With the dawn of high definition television, this highly defined skin care and cosmetic look has become very successful with Hollywood, and now you can personally meet that success as well. 

If the idea of airbrushed makeup doesn’t seem too practical, you may want to read more into the system’s benefits: 

Ousley retails her airbrush kit to the public and its long lasting formula makes it a remarkable buy. Makeup can be painted on after your regular skin care regime and last for up to 18 hours. There is no doubt that this technology is only going to grow in convenience and lower cost, and now is the chance to be the first to try such an amazing skincare technology.

This new approach to cosmetics takes every detail into account: 

Some airbrushed makeup kits, be it Dinair© or a competitor, offer stencils for eyebrows and the rest of your eye area as well to make sure that you get the perfect application of the available airbrush colors to finish off your look. With a set to complete your entire cosmetics routine, airbrush makeup brings you convenience and a new way to present yourself to the world. 

According to skin care expert, Samantha Peterman, airbrush makeup is a new cosmetics approach that many women may come to love. “We always see airbrushed faces and bodies in magazines and now it’s a realistic technique women can use at home. It couldn’t hurt to at least experiment with airbrush makeup to see if it is something you’d be interested in. It lasts a long time and if done right, can appear flawless.” covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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